LP negotiates the barriers in his trademark style

‘Cross Season Opens with a Bang!

A glorious day produced a very good start to the “real” season at the Buffalo Bill CX in Leavenworth, KS on September 21 for Big D Cycling sponsored by Keen Wealth Advisors with 6 podium finishers! The course favored those who could climb and didn’t mind letting it go on the downhills, as this course either went up or went down. Not a technically demanding course but it certainly challenged the rider physically.

Amy VanNieuwenhuyse simply rocked in her maiden cross race! A scant three weeks ago she wore a “scared face” to our first practice. On Sunday, she not only completed her first cross race, she did it with a very impressive 2nd place. She looked controlled and kept the power to the pedals. Who knows what she can accomplish with some real cyclocross tires (this is a not so subtle hint to her husband/mechanic)?

Steve VanNieuwenhuyse, known to the Big D Crossers as “Hands” for habit of placing his hands on other riders in tight quarters, rode to a solid 5th place in a Cat. 5 field that included two riders that should be Cat. 3’s if not Cat. 2’s. Steve has been a super quick learner. His superior handling skills, tidy barrier work and his aggressive style will have him placing well in the 40+ category starting this weekend.

Tim Herre must have been super excited about the start of the season because he raced twice! In the single-speed battle, he placed very impressive 2nd place and followed it up with a 6th in the Cat.3’s after recently upgrading. Congrats Tim your fitness is paying dividends!

LP negotiates the barriers in his trademark style
LP negotiates the barriers in his trademark style

And the old dudes represented Big D Cycling and Keen Wealth Advisors in solid fashion! Lead by youngster Paul “Sox” Aldegeur with a 2nd in the 40+ field. His road fitness certainly was on display on Sunday! The 50+ field had three Greenback riders with Jim Clevenger in 2nd, Greg “Sly” Vaught in 6th and Chip “CZ” Zimmer in 9th. Sly suffered with a shifting problem, but stayed tough. CZ had a strong showing after suffering from a battle with an Achilles problem for a year. Like Hands, he has been a quick learner with strong overall fitness and solid handling skills.

Bill Jennings and Frank “Q” Quinlan our 65+ studs, pocketed 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Q did a solid job but needed some different gearing to better negotiate the hills of Leavenworth. These two super-masters are looking to have a great CX season.

Special thanks as always to Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge for providing the photo for this post. See more images from Buffalo Bill ‘Cross here.

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