Braley out of saddle

Robidoux Roundup Review through Randy’s Radiant Eyes!

Braley out of saddleChris Braley rockin’ it out of the saddle!
Braley run upChris guiding his bike through the rocky run-up!


Nigel Vaught en route to a 3rd place finish for Juniors.


Amy VanNieuwenhuyse cruised into 3rd place in Women’s Cat 4.


Greg Vaught was trying to catch up with Nigel, coming in 5th in Masters 50+.


Steve VanNieuwenhuyse had a great start and was in the lead in Masters 40+ when he obtained a flat ~ his day was done, but his modeling career was beginning to blossom.

Aldeguer Vaught

Paul Aldeguer brought out the beast face to overcome an early flat, get his pit bike and take 1st in Masters 40+.

Vaught Jones

Shane Jones was following Greg closely, for he thought Greg was headed back to the beer cooler at the truck. Jones took 2nd in Masters 40+.


Jim Clevenger getting up one of the various run-ups at this challenging course at Hyde Park in St. Joseph, MO. He experienced a mechanical, but still took 3rd in Masters 50+.


Steve once again carrying his beloved Niner bike. He had a great race in Masters 40+, with a good gap, until the unfortunate flat occurred.


Chip Zimmer kept at it and kept pacing himself to a 4th place finish in Masters 50+.


Paul thought he saw an ice cream truck around this corner, but this Oooh! face quickly turned to a frown when he realized it was a mirage, likely from the warm temperatures at this race.



Randy Braley is so good that he took this photo of himself while he was racing to a 4th place in Cat 5 and 14th overall place in Cat 4/5.

Nick Comiskey was just too quick to photograph. He won the Men’s Cat 3 race!

Thanks to Randy for all these amazing cyclocross photos. ¬†You can catch more of his work here, if you’re interested in his services.

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