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Big D Cycling Volunteers at 8th Annual Kansas City Kansas West Kiwanis Bike Safety Rodeo

Twelve members of the Big D Cycling team attended the 8th Annual Kansas City Kansas West Kiwanis Bike Safety Rodeo at Schlitterbahn Kansas City Water Park on Saturday, May 17. They volunteered their time and talent to inspect and adjust more than 150 bicycles for some well-deserving youngsters. The event is held to promote bike safety and to promote an activity that can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

Children wait while their bikes are inspected and adjusted.
Children wait while their bikes are inspected and adjusted.
Big D Cycling volunteers at the 8th annual KCK West Kiwanis Bike Safety Rodeo
Big D Cycling volunteers at the 8th annual KCK West Kiwanis Bike Safety Rodeo.

Michael Fiola was generous enough to donate his circa 1990 steel-frame Miyata road bike. Michael cleaned the bike and put new tires, pedals and bar tape on it. The bike was given away to a lucky 11-year-old, whose infectious smile was all the thanks the Big D Cycling volunteers needed to complete the day.

Bill Smith taking some time off the bike to help out at the bike safety rodeo
Bill Smith taking some time off the bike to assist at the bike safety rodeo.

Our team involvement with this annual event is directly aligned with our title sponsor’s, Keen Wealth Advisors, promotion of junior racing.

Sponsor Spotlight: Keen Wealth Advisors

Big D Cycling is proud to introduce our new major sponsor, Keen Wealth Advisors.

You’ll see the Keen Wealth Advisors logo emblazoned on the front of the Big D Cycling kits, new this year, sporting the new “Keen Green” color. We are honored by this representation, as it is the goal of Keen Wealth Advisors to help their clients reach financial success.

Bill Keen, Keen Wealth Advisors

Bill Keen, CRPC®, Founder and CEO, has devoted significant resources to help Big D reach their racing goals for the next several years.

In his approach, Bill Keen strives to be solid:  “As your Financial Advisor, it is my goal to develop a relationship with you and play a key role in your financial life.  Clients often seek my advice on financial matters that go beyond the scope of their investments.  I follow a disciplined process to address individual needs.  I work closely with Matt Wilson, CFP®, Managing Director, and my dedicated team to help ensure each one of my clients receives the service they deserve.  My expectation is that our service is delivered to you efficiently, completely, and in a friendly manner – as if the world revolves around you.”

Bill Keen is joined by Managing Director, Matt Wilson, Wealth Advisor, Robert Shepherd, Senior Client Associate, Lindsey Freemyer, and Client Associate, Cassandra Miller.  Together, they work to help ensure that Keen Wealth Advisors leaves no stone unturned in their clients’ quest for financial freedom.

Keen Wealth Advisors is located at 6201 College Bvld, Suite 325, Overland Park, KS 66211.

Give Bill (William T. Keen) or Matt Wilson a call at 913-624-1841 to find out more.


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Sponsor Spotlight: Chamois Butt’r

Big D is proud once again to represent Chamois Butt’r from Paceline Products this season!

We have been using Chamois Butt’r for a while now and it is part of the Big D “pre-flight kit.” We don’t leave home without it. Chamois Butt’r makes your shorts feel cozy and smooth and keeps you on the road longer and more comfortably. We love original Chamois Butt’r, and thicker eurostyle, which adds a gentle tingling sensation to really get you going.

Paceline Products introduces eurostyle Embrocations this year. It comes in three muscle-warming ranges: warm, hot and x-hot, all designed to protect riders during a range of cool and cold weather riding. They protect exposed skin against the elements and warms up muscles. Big D is going to be even more of a threat in early-season racing while using eurostlye embrocation.

Also new this year is eurostyle Sports Wash, just the thing to deactivate embrocations warming effect, and a quick and easy solution for post-ride clean -up. Removes road grime, sweat and massage oils from skin too.

Also look for Paceline’s buh-bump, a great electrode cream for heart rate monitor contacts. Eliminates the pesky issue of losing your heart rate data stream while training.

Paceline also distributes other great products like Maxxis tires, Clean Bottle, FRS Healthy Performance and more innovative products. Check out their website for more.

Sponsor Spotlight – Chamois Butt’r

Some of us riders who have been in the sport for a long time remember the days of wool cycling kits and leather “hair net” helmets. You know, the kind that used to just hold the pieces together in a crash. In those days, a chamois inside your cycling shorts was just that – a real leather chamois, usually with no padding at all. These things were hard to take care of, and after each wash they would get harder, dryer, and less comfortable to ride on.

Everyone had their own technique for chamois maintenance, which included lanolin-based creams and conditioners, but keeping your chamois supple was a losing battle.

Next came the synthetic chamois, which was a big improvement, since they didn’t dry out as much as the real thing, but still needed conditioning and maintenance to stay fresh. And the synthetic chamois didn’t “breath” as well as a real one. Another issue with both of these types of chamois was that they harbored bacteria, which led to saddle sores, and other unpleasant issues.

Today, most high-quality shorts have an anatomically cut and shaped chamois pad, which breaths well, and doesn’t get stiff after washing. So why do we need a chamois conditioner for something that is several generations removed from the original chamois? Simple. There is not a perfect chamois pad for everyone, and even with the best fit, long hours in the saddle always produce hot spots or areas where the pad rubs against your body, creating discomfort. And if you are not comfortable, you are less likely to keep riding.

Chamois Butt’r helps prevent chafing and hot spots and keeps you riding longer and more comfortably. It conditions the skin so you don’t get irritated on this vulnerable contact point. And shorts that don’t fit quite perfectly, or a pad that bunches up in that particular spot are not that big of a deal anymore. It’s not messy or greasy and washes off your shorts and body easily, leaving your skin feeling better than before. Chamois Butt’r comes in a variety of packaging and styles to suit your needs. Look for Chamois Butt’r at your favorite bike shop or wherever fine cycling products are sold.