Team Adds to Palmarés on Chilly Race Weekend

Big D riders improved on their performances from last weekend, with even better results in the Spring Fling and the Perry Road Race Series.

Knight makes his way through traffic on the climb

Shawn Knight placed 3rd in the Masters 40+ race at Perry, while Ron Marney had a strong showing with 6th in the same event. Donavon Hottman improved to 2nd in his 60+ race on a chilly Sunday morning of racing.

Marney holds his own on a difficult course

In the Cat. 4 race at Perry, was Tim Lightenberg in 11th place, up four places form last week.

On Saturday, Ryan Rochford continued his domination of the Spring Fling Cat 5 event in Lawrence. Look for Rochford to crush the competition, as this event continues through March.

The Whale closes in on two unsuspecting riders

Also making an appearance on Sunday, was “Splash” the whale from the Whale Spout Car Wash in Shawnee KS. Several riders narrowly escaped being chased down by this friendly, but insatiable beast. Although he does prefer sushi and beer to gristly bike racers. With his hunger going unsatisfied, Splash is sure to make more appearances at future races!

Photos by Dan Ruettimann Photography. See more images from the Perry Road Race Cat. 5 and Masters events from March 13th here.

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