Team Grabbing Podium Spots in ‘Cross

Although not usually a dominant team in cyclocross, Big D has really made a name for themselves in the discipline this year.

At Manions Cross, Jim Clevenger got 3rd and 6th in the 50+ races. Paul Aldeguer got 4th and 7th in 40+. These two cross veterans are leading the way for the team, and offering tips to their teammates new to CX. Also at Manions, Chip Zimmer came in 10th in his debut and Time Herre got 7th in Cat4 racing.

At Boss Cross, Clevenger got 5th in 45+, and Bill Jennings took 2nd in 65+

Joules Cross in Lawrence saw the return of vet Paul Fancher who came up with a podium spot. Aldeguer grabbed 3rd and a top ten for the weekend and Clevenger looked good with a 1st and 2nd place for the series. Look out for Chip Zimmer and Greg Vaught, who have been doing well in masters racing. Lynn Wilson also turned in an impressive result in one of her last few races in pink with a 2nd place finish.

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