Fall CX Culminates with Great Results at States

Our intrepid ‘cross riders have been busy this Fall with great results in November, and leading up to some podium spots at States in early December.

Tim Herre put a cherry on the top of a great season so far with a silver medal in the Cat4 race. The course was slippery with a blanket of snow and ice which was steadily falling all day. William Jennings was first in the superMasters 70+, and seems to be having the most fun of all his CX teammates.

Aldeguer has been consistent in the 2013 cyclocross season

Paul Aldeguer grabbed Bronze and is looking at a high placing in the season-long KBCXR competition. LP laid it all out, “I felt really good before the race, but I am not the best bike handler in the snow and ice, so I felt like I had to take some calculated risks in certain sections to make up some ground on the course. Some paid off, but others didn’t,” said Aldeguer. He’s been racing well all year and has a record of seizing opportunity, “You gotta roll the dice and define the moment, or the moment defines you.”

Jim Clevenger at Colavita Cup in November

Greg Vaught came through in the Master 50+ event with a fourth place finish, and has been steadily getting better at cyclocross in his first season. Earlier on the calendar Old Spice took a sixth at Lost Trail CX in Louisburg.

At Boulevard Cross in November Jim Clevenger was edged out for a podium nod by his teammate, Paul Fancher, who got the third step. Lynn Wilson has been on the podium as well, grabbing top spots in just about every race she enters. Special thanks to our title sponsor Keen Wealth Advisors.

Lynn Wilson will be missed next year

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