Team Adds to Palmar├ęs on Chilly Race Weekend

Big D riders improved on their performances from last weekend, with even better results in the Spring Fling and the Perry Road Race Series.

Knight makes his way through traffic on the climb

Shawn Knight placed 3rd in the Masters 40+ race at Perry, while Ron Marney had a strong showing with 6th in the same event. Donavon Hottman improved to 2nd in his 60+ race on a chilly Sunday morning of racing.

Marney holds his own on a difficult course

In the Cat. 4 race at Perry, was Tim Lightenberg in 11th place, up four places form last week.

On Saturday, Ryan Rochford continued his domination of the Spring Fling Cat 5 event in Lawrence. Look for Rochford to crush the competition, as this event continues through March.

The Whale closes in on two unsuspecting riders

Also making an appearance on Sunday, was “Splash” the whale from the Whale Spout Car Wash in Shawnee KS. Several riders narrowly escaped being chased down by this friendly, but insatiable beast. Although he does prefer sushi and beer to gristly bike racers. With his hunger going unsatisfied, Splash is sure to make more appearances at future races!

Photos by Dan Ruettimann Photography. See more images from the Perry Road Race Cat. 5 and Masters events from March 13th here.

Sponsor Spotlight – Chamois Butt’r

Some of us riders who have been in the sport for a long time remember the days of wool cycling kits and leather “hair net” helmets. You know, the kind that used to just hold the pieces together in a crash. In those days, a chamois inside your cycling shorts was just that – a real leather chamois, usually with no padding at all. These things were hard to take care of, and after each wash they would get harder, dryer, and less comfortable to ride on.

Everyone had their own technique for chamois maintenance, which included lanolin-based creams and conditioners, but keeping your chamois supple was a losing battle.

Next came the synthetic chamois, which was a big improvement, since they didn’t dry out as much as the real thing, but still needed conditioning and maintenance to stay fresh. And the synthetic chamois didn’t “breath” as well as a real one. Another issue with both of these types of chamois was that they harbored bacteria, which led to saddle sores, and other unpleasant issues.

Today, most high-quality shorts have an anatomically cut and shaped chamois pad, which breaths well, and doesn’t get stiff after washing. So why do we need a chamois conditioner for something that is several generations removed from the original chamois? Simple. There is not a perfect chamois pad for everyone, and even with the best fit, long hours in the saddle always produce hot spots or areas where the pad rubs against your body, creating discomfort. And if you are not comfortable, you are less likely to keep riding.

Chamois Butt’r helps prevent chafing and hot spots and keeps you riding longer and more comfortably. It conditions the skin so you don’t get irritated on this vulnerable contact point. And shorts that don’t fit quite perfectly, or a pad that bunches up in that particular spot are not that big of a deal anymore. It’s not messy or greasy and washes off your shorts and body easily, leaving your skin feeling better than before. Chamois Butt’r comes in a variety of packaging and styles to suit your needs. Look for Chamois Butt’r at your favorite bike shop or wherever fine cycling products are sold.

Great Showing in Early-Season Racing

The team did well over the weekend, with four top-ten finishes in the Perry Road Race Series!

New team member Ryan Rochford placed 5th in the Cat. 5 event, this a day after his strong finish in the Spring Fling criterium series. Rochford is currently in second place on points for that event, which continues this weekend.

Rochford on first climb
Rochford on the first climb

Also working hard at Perry Dam was Shawn Knight, who placed 6th in the Masters 40+ race, an awesome showing in a very competitive field on a demanding circuit.
Rafael Frontaura came in 8th in his Masters 50+ race. And Donovan Hottman finished strong with a 3rd place in Masters 60+.

In his first racing weekend for Big D was Tim Lightenberg, who tore it up in the sprints and placed 16th in the Cat 4 race. Lee Wafford also placed well in his Cat. 5 race with a top-20 finish.

Lightenberg making it happen in green

Look for Big D as these two race series continue.

Thanks to Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge for providing these photos. See the rest of his images on his Flickr site.

A Glimpse at the New Kit

Road racing season is finally upon us, and Big D has been working hard in the off season getting ready. Part of that work has been securing new sponsorships and strengthening our relationship with existing partners. Our new racing kits came in recently, and we are proud to represent these excellent companies on our backs, shoulders, and chests!

Here’s a sneak peek:

A sneak peek at the new kit

Look for Big D in the Perry Road Race Series this March, and other regional events this spring.

Martin Leaves Gears, Competition Behind

Big D’s Randy Martin had a strong showing in the Cat. 4 race at the Boulevard Cup on October 17 at Wyandotte County Park.

Randy lugs his single-speed through the sand

Randy rode his single-speed bike in the category 4 40+ race, and placed second to an experienced Eddy Reamer, a mountain bike racer. “He rode over everything,” said Randy. “I learned early on that if there is a question on whether or not to ride or run, I run.”

Randy makes his way through traffic

Randy is working hard representing Big D Cycling in Wichita and across the region. As cyclocross season winds down, look for Randy on the road as a formidable force for the team.

Special thanks to Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge for allowing us to use his brilliant images.